About Me

Hi there!  I'm Jenny Mancini, your friendly neighborhood travel pro!  

I design meaningful and intentional travel adventures for busy families, couples and friends who wish to re/connect while experiencing the joys of travelling together. 

If you’re not returning from your vacation transformed, you’re doing it wrong. I can help.


Maybe it’s exploring the Old Town of an incredible European city fascinating you with its history and culture. Perhaps it’s a spa retreat to relieve the stresses of life, or a hike to a castle overlooking the Rhine, leaving you feeling rejuvenated. Enjoying scrumptious local cuisines that you’ll bring home the recipes for? Or maybe it’s a week on a beach to leave you feeling relaxed. 

What will bring you home from your vacation transformed?

It’s my passion to figure that out and then design a vacation to make it happen.


Over twenty-five years in the industry and close relationships with my amazing supplier partners provide me with the tools, knowledge and experience necessary to create unique travel experiences, freeing you from the Google rabbit hole and getting you on your way to your amazing vacation.

Exceptionally important now is remaining knowledgeable of the continually changing rules, restrictions and requirements of travelling during- and post-pandemic. I am updated daily to stay abreast of this information. Let me handle the little stuff and make sure you remain aware of these details. It is my job to read, analyze and interpret the booking rules for each element of your trip to ensure you have the flexibility that you need. That’s my jam.

It’s All About YOU

After chatting with you about your travel style and what you’re hoping to feel or achieve on your upcoming trip, I will curate an experience based on your specifications, needs and desires.

We will tweak it until it’s perfect.

I will throw every little thing together in a neat little package.

I will provide you with everything you’ll need to enjoy a hassle-free trip.

And then I will remain your concierge and advocate throughout your trip and long after you return home.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. We'll chat about your trip, your specific needs and desires and hopes and dreams!
2. We'll design an amazing vacation with all of the features you've envisioned!
3. You'll enjoy your incredible travel experience!

I would be delighted to help Design your Vacation of a Lifetime!  


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